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As a lifelong dancer, Jean was introduced to Belly Dance at the age of ten. She began studying in earnest after dabbling in Jazz, Modern and Ballet. In 1997 she was reintroduced to Egyptian Cabaret style Belly Dance. She soon started exploring Fusion styles, among them, ATS known as American Tribal Style, and a favorite, Gypsy /Flamenco Fusion

JeanYears of Musical Theater from the first grade on prepared her for performing and theatrical costuming. She has studied with American dancers such as Asia Arabesque and Aida from the Jamila Salimpour school in San Francisco, CA., Cassandra of Minneapolis, MN, Aegela and Elitha of Atlanta GA,; Dancers from the Middle East such as Dina from Egypt, Princess Madiha from Syria, and workshops with Modern tribal fusion dancers such as Zoe Jakes, Rachel Brice, Ashley Lopez, Kami Little, Deb Rubin and Sharon Kilhara, several of Belly Dance Superstars fame.

She began teaching in 2001 and now teaches classes and workshops while continuing her performance schedule.


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